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Three Story House Wash in Fort Wayne, IN

Three Story House Wash in Fort Wayne, IN

The BINWILD team took on another house washing project to rid this home of built-up algae and filth. This Fort Wayne homeowner contacted us through Facebook after seeing our other home transformations. We discussed pricing and then headed out that week to get their home cleaned up. For siding and roofs, our team uses a soft wash method. This allows for us to complete the house wash without applying damaging pressure to the home. A soft wash utilizes an organic chemical named sodium hypochlorite (sH). This destroys all build-up on the home without harming the home or anything around it.

This homeowner's home is situated on a beautiful pond, which causes more rapid build-up on the siding. Many homeowners will try to treat these issues themselves, but due to the back of this home being three stories, the experts were called in! Our pressure washing systems allow for us to reach around 30 feet to apply the sH and rinse it off. For this home we let the sH dwell for about 15 minutes to ensure all build-up was taken care of and then rinsed it off removing the excess sH. All plants and foliage are sprayed down with water prior, to ensure no harm comes to them from the sH. As you can see in the pictures, this wash truly brighten and refreshed this home!

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

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